What we stand for

Mission. Our mission is to improve health and quality of life by providing our customer with premium quality products at affordable prices.

Vision. We at Ingen Pharma are dedicated to become one of the leading generic companies in Central and Eastern Europe. By providing medicines and other Pharmaceutical products at affordable prices we will become a reliable partner in healthcare costs containment.

Core values:

Passion. We are passionate, goal oriented, determined and persistent. We know that people are the biggest assets we have, we are motivating our TEAM to be fast, flexible, creative and efficient.

Quality. In all what we do starting from the idea or the need for a product, service or solution we are aiming for the best.

Integrity. In our attempts to provide the best quality products and solutions for improvement of health and quality of life we are committed to the highest ethical standards, responsibility and transparency in our business conduct.

Customer Satisfaction. We are passionately dedicated to provide the best solutions, to meet our customer expectations and MORE…